Okay, here goes, lots of things going on:

-Thanksgiving for the massive return of energy over the past month. I'm specifically requesting that the present remission (a) last long enough for me to easily give my talk next month and (b) allow me enough time to physically recover as much strength and stamina as possible.

-Please pray for the various health issues my family members are dealing with. Going to leave off the details out respect for their privacy, but this is the year we burn through the out-of-pocket max (and thank God for decent insurance), both dealing with some new concerns and finally getting around to addressing some longstanding challenges.

-Please pray for my upcoming evangelization talk to the Catholic Writers Guild. I specifically need: Energy, wisdom, and to say the things God wants me to say.

-Please pray for some loved ones who are struggling with their faith, or have lost it altogether, due to scandalous behavior in the Church both towards themselves and others.

Thank you so much!

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Happy new year! Praying for you and others.

A few prayer requests:

-Please Pray for the conversion of my family, and perseverance for a family member who will be entering the Church this Easter

-Please Pray for reconciliation for members of my family who are harboring resentment towards each other

-Please pray for a friend (in another country) who is in dire straits physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. He has a medical condition which requires long term care so he is unable to work, and his father (his last surviving family member) died suddenly last year, so he has no support system to speak of and no means to pay for treatment on which his life depends. Pray for a miraculous cure for him--or the miraculous means to access his cure the old fashioned way. Pray for my wife and I who are trying to support him as best as we can.

-Please pray for close friends of mine who had twins recently, but due to medical complications one of the twins passed away in December. Pray for their conversion, for healing and strength for them and for the repose of the soul of the their lost child.

-Please pray for a special intention.

-Please pray for the Reinvigoration of the Church, the healing of disunity within Her, and the healing of the world.

Thank you and God bless!

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Prayers for healing, both physically and spiritually for you and your family.

Asking prayers for conversion and spiritual healing for my children who have left the Church. Prayers also for our mental, sprititual and physical health as we deal with the death of their father. Also, a special prayer for reconciliation between me and my ex mother-in-law this year - specifically that I may be humble, strong in love and persistent in reacing out.

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I have this one prayer request: For my RE class (of 8th graders) preparing to make the sacrament of confirmation. That they discern for themselves (not their parents) the relationship they want to have with the Lord

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Praying for you and all the requests here.

Please pray for my daughter, that she is happy in her new home and that she actually make it inside a church occasionally. :)

Please pray for my son as he discerns what to do regarding college and/or work.

Please pray for my wife, as she and her brother navigate the ramifications from their father’s death.

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Please pray for a relative who is in a long-term mental health facility. She is a wife and the mom of 3 young children. Please pray for her husband and the children as well.

Please pray for my sister and her husband who are dealing with a number of serious health issues and also major problems in their home.

Please pray for a good solution for a serious problem at my workplace.

Thank you for your prayers! I will be praying for all of you.

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Please pray for my sister, who has “deconstructed” her formerly strong evangelical faith, and has left Christianity altogether. She is also on the cusp of leaving her husband of 20+ years, and her multiple school-age children.

Also please pray for me to know when/how to reach out and when to remain silent. I’ve tried to be super patient and loving, but it’s only resulted in her going further down this path over several months. I’ve tried to give calm and gentle pushback, but it’s taken as being hostile and met with threats of leaving. It would be so easy to become bitter….it feels like when you become sleepy while driving and it would be so easy to let yourself slip into sleep. It would be so easy to become bitter and build a wall there.

And please pray for our dear mom, whose heart I’m afraid will break.

Finally, when I pray for my family, I also pray for all the mothers with broken hearts, and all their intentions for their children.

I will pray for all the people in these comments as well.

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