Lego Church Project VBS, mega book sale, new video up on the parish friendship problem, and a few personal updates wedged in as well.
Even becoming "friendly strangers" or mere acquaintances requires effort and infrastructure. What are the personal and parish obstacles to forming these…
The better you understand how friendships form, the better you can troubleshoot your parish hospitality efforts.
People need to feel loved, wanted, and welcomed at your parish. How’s that going?
Six quick thoughts on how divisions in a parish, diocese, or religious community affect evangelization and discipleship, and how we can respond with…
I'll be presenting on Evangelization at the Catholic Writers Guild Online Conference, February 24-26, 2023.
(1) Start your year off right. (2) My three-word B16 eulogy. (3) Fun art stuff.
Thanks for being here, and a little something fun.
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