My prayer requests:

-Continued thanksgiving for a very pleasant run of pretty-good health, and that the slate of doctor's appointments this autumn would be fruitful.

-Thanksgiving for a child's engagement, and prayers for assistance in getting the major details of the wedding sorted out with minimal stress and in a financially responsible manner (sigh). Likewise for discernment for the happy couple as they figure out the next thing after college graduation in the spring.

-For the catechetical ministry I am getting to participate in this school year (yay!), that we would be a good support to one another and bless the families who brave the brand new group.

-For my youngest's discernment process as she prepares to graduate high school and go on to the next thing.

-Yeah okay and both my other kids could use vocational discernment assistance as well, or at least their mother thinks so. And look, the parents are hitting a new moment as well. So let's just do Discernment of the Next Thing for all Fitzes.

Thank you everyone!

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I’m requesting prayers for my son, who is returning to college after taking a couple of years off. Pray that this is a wise decision and that he finds his return to full time education is productive and helps him discern a future career path.

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Prayer requests for my discernment in job transitions. I'm being laid off from Intel, and my son is having a tough time with inconsistent hours on his first job.

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We're also contemplating big changes in our family life, but I can't get into details. Prayers for clear paths!

Also, our pastor died somewhat unexpectedly this past Wednesday. His health was poor and it was after surgery complications, but we expected him to pull through. Please pray for Fr. Mike and his shocked flock. He was 57.

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