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Merry Christmas

Evangelization and Martyrdom

The Four Ways Forward by Susan Windley-Daoust - My Initial Comments

Jen Fitz's Journey Home Episode Airs Tonight!

Exulting in Your Weird (Even Unwanted) Evangelical Gifts

Setting Boundaries in Evangelical Listening

Sorting Out the Noise

Facing Down the Long, Still Love of God

Listening Practice

Admitting to the Supernatural

Open Combox - Prayer Requests

Childlike Confidence

Prodigious Responsibilities

Quick Update - Taping Accomplished!

Dose of Reassurance and a Fun Prayer Request

Things That Happen in Heaven

Burying the Dead

Behave Yourself

Ingredients for Active Participation at Mass

Escaping the Cult of Human Omnipotence

The Life-Changing Magic of Missionary Discipleship

What You Tried to Say, What They Heard

No More Donuts-as-Usual

14th Bishop of Charleston!

Spiritual Motherhood

Prayer Request Thread

Both Heroic and Wrong

Book Review: The Contagious Catholic by Marcel LeJeune

Happy Easter!

Facing the Agony of Christ

The Power of the Holy Eucharist

Theology and Vanity*

Fear of Evangelizing

Silence, Revisited

Better Dirt

Fishing with the Thomists

At Peace with the Entirety of Your Vocation

Counting Casualties with God

What Am I Trying to Grow?

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From Trust to Trust

What We Take Into the Desert

Book Review: Living Memento Mori

The Why & What of One Soul at a Time

Is There Any Hope for Catholic Evangelization?

What is Parish-Centered Evangelization?

Overcoming Your Fear of Impossible Odds

Nasty Arguments and the Sacred Heart

Why "One Soul at a Time"?

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